The working team of HCG is highly professional and has a wide range of experiences. Right now the following main team is handling HCG:

Kamala Tuladhar,
Shanti Bajracharya
Ryuichi Yatabe (PhD, Engineering)International AdvisorProfessor, Ehime University, Japan
Shuichi Hasegawa (PhD, Engineering)International AdvisorProfessor, Kagawa University, Japan
Netra Prakash Bhandary, (PhD, Engineering)Advisor (Engineering)Professor, Ehime University, Japan
Ranjan Kumar Dahal (PhD, Engineering)Advisor (Geo-disaster)Associate Professor, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Manita Timilsina (PhD, Engineering)Executive Manager
Chandani Bhandari (MA in Crisis Management, Diploma in Climate-related Disaster, Geneva University)
Advocacy and Influencing Coordinator
Tapedra Thakulla (MBS)
Admin and Documentation Officer
Sanu Thapa (MSc NRM, Newzeland)
Monotoring and Documentation officer
 Manoj Chaudhari (BBS)
Logistic Officer