The impacts of climate change and natural disasters in the Himalaya region have been largely affecting people’s livelihood, national resources, natural environment, and development process. Because of this, the national and international efforts of eradicating poverty and improving human development index of the Himalayan nations have so far remained less effective.

Additionally, the development efforts in the Himalayan nations are being threatened especially due to economic uncertainties, violence, terrorism and human activity-related disasters. These threats are in increasing trend, and they have led to a retarded development process and decaying economic achievements. HCG is therefore firm in its plan that an integrated approach to Himalaya conservation will be the key to sustainable development of the Himalayan nations. HCG plans to promote sustainable and more resilient alternative visionary approach to infrastructure development in the Himalaya region.

The available information and an in-depth study of the problems in the Himalaya indicate that there is an immediate need of research activities that lead to deeper insights into Himalaya conservation issues and factors that help develop long-term strategies for national as well as local development. HCG is determined to develop the best suitable approach to infrastructure development and to raise the capability of communities in the region out of the research findings, which will ultimately help the society to adjust with the extreme events and long-term changes.